Where is justice, where is the decency captivating one at the table?
Who is the judge to hand down the verdict?
Perhaps it is you, the one committing the crime?

The law binds those who flock to the meadows with the others anyway.
Graze my lambs and become fat, so that the sheppard can take you to the butcher.
With the stomach so well fed, that will be a good meal for the sinners.
I was on both sides of the faithful.

Slowly numb and senseless, lead to death by those who control you.
It is no wonder that insanity is eating away at yourself, a free spirit.

No thought is free, they want chaos and they will get me.
So I could escape, I cut out my own face, since then I live fulfilled in madness.
Consider the inside of any human being - in each you will find at least one dark spot which he must conceal!
At the peak I corrupt humanity.
I make them free, just like me.

The tearing and the fountains of blood make me happy.
We are animals, and that we should remain, it is the law of vigilantism.
So and just so is the world that surrounds us.
Corrupted remain all, as they should be.
Starting with my face, and it will end with humanity.


from Eradication of society, released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Obsolete Incarnation Gummersbach, Germany

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