Of Blood and Salvation

from by Obsolete Incarnation



Neglected and degenerated
For progress, aspiring life.
The freedom in a dome of
oxygen and sulfur.
Help yourself to my knowledge and deprave in my wisdom.
Armagedon dissolves ...

In a place of drought the living ethers grow.
Nourishing from a tree of flesh, commemorating the tormented souls.
Open mouths require a dead leaf, the fruit, it drops from black hearts.
Illusioned the mourners converting through the streets.
Starving, neglected, degenerated.

Dancing seas, the waves move our reason.
What drips out of me comes from Him. The old belief in humanity.
Madness, depravity, blindness, come into my arms the armless embraces you with his mouth.
Too much blood and again almost too little.

The sky spoiled and luminous spots on the firmament.
Fused thoughts encapsulated in a membrane of emptiness.
Continuous strips color the sound from which it arises.
One is born into a life in which death slowly wraps around your neck.
neglected and dilapidated, the madness hungers, the tree withers, crippled its fruit.


from Eradication of society, released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Obsolete Incarnation Gummersbach, Germany

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