Where's my feeling of regret?
At the same moment
a thorn rips into my stomach,
there is no feeling that describes it.

The bloody entrails hanging from my belly.
Thus death feels so close
and yet is unattainable.
Numb, but full of pain.
Disillusioned , cant remember where i was.
Dismebered, can`t take a look at myself.
Torned apart, a bloodfontain.
A Hellgate opens, my fate is dead.

I live through my fears.

I see only one color, colapsed in time.
No time exists, something lies down on my tongue.

Something rips open my mouth, I stand now.
Shortly before my jaw breaks my mouth rips open.
The blood blocks my windpipe.
Twitching and paralyzed at the same time, my head will be empty except for the fear that rules.

My eyes are closed and I am in the middle of nowhere.
Behind me,The unstoppable about anxiety is the panic.
At the same time my lungs are burning.
With my own eyes I now see my heart beat, and it falls.

I live through my fears

I never die ... it's the suffering that I have caused.
I have to pay for everything, then I can suffer.
Unimaginable pleasure at the thought of death
My flesh will burn immediately.


from Eradication of society, released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Obsolete Incarnation Gummersbach, Germany

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